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Carpet protection Woking
We are providing also special carpet cleaning services as:
  • Deodorising
If you feel any smells from your carpet from pets, mould or any other reason , after a deep carpet cleaning we disappear any undesired smell and then we can add an extra pleasant odor that will stay for some days.
  • Spot & Stain Removal
After the end of the carpet cleaning procedure many stains may remain uncleaned. They may need to be cleaned after an extra trying procedure using special spoting cleanings with an extra charge for this even some times the stains may be permanet.
We can remove all spots and stains before they become permanent but we can not quarantee a stain removal if it has become already a damage. In this case we may propose a carpet repair if it is repairable.
  • Sanitising
This is a  carpet cleaning service that is cleaning the carpet and eliminating all the vacteria and virouses from your carpet at the same time. There's a big difference between cleaning and sanitizing. Cleaning removes food and other types of soil from a surface such as a countertop or plate. Sanitizing reduces the number of pathogens on that clean surface to safe levels.
  • Stain Protection
Carpet stain protection treatments, such as Scotchgard, DuPont Teflon, and Stain Guard work by locking onto each carpet fibre to create an invisible shield which repels dust, dirt, spills, and stains. Vacuuming and cleaning your carpet is easier and more effective.This is an extra service coming after the carpet cleaning as a next step  of the cleaning procedure, providing a cover film on the fibres of your carpet , protecting it from stain damages.
This protection lasts up to five years, so is a very good investment  as in the same way you keep your carpets in the best condition and you save money from the need to change your carpets sooner.
So you can clean the stains easily before they become a damage and you gain a long healthy life for your carpets, avoiding changes on color and permanent stains. This is a dedicated service especialy for new carpets when you can keep them in a new condition for too long.
  • Curtain & Dry Cleaning
We can also provide certified dry cleaning services for your curtain cleaning needs.
  • Dry  Compound Carpet Cleaning
A dry carpet cleaning is a carpet cleaning service for carpets where is not allowed any kind of water  carpat cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning systems do work well, but when you're in need of a deep rejuvenation, it's usually not powerful enough of a process to revitalize and disinfect a carpet.
  • Carpet Repairing
A special rapairing service for cases that a carpet damage can be fixed.
  • Carpet Maintenance
A light carpet cleaning service that can be scheduled in often applications according the traffic amount needs of the carpet and keep it in a fresh condition all year.
  • Rescue of carpet after water damages
Special treatment of restoration for carpets that have been damaged from flood.
  • Fine fabrics and carpets cleanings
Special treatment and cleaning of special carpets and sensitive fabrics.
  • Textile Insect Pest Control
Save your carpet from insects before they will create a permanent damage to your carpet.
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