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Best Carpet Cleaner

What to check before you choose your carpet cleaning service :

12 things you can check before you choose the best carpet cleaning service for your needs.

1. Reliability.

A carpet cleaning business should be reliable to cover your acceptable cleaning needs.

2. Affordability

A carpet cleaning service should be affordable for the provided services and the desired expectations.

3. Professionalism.

A professional  service is a resultant service of a budle of officially acceptable services and behaviours. Passing through steps like  presentation, quoting, booking, service providing, result, after sales service.

4. Training

The right training that also must be prooven provided from certified trainers.

5. Certifications.

The certifications must cover also the training of the technicians, the technical cleaning procedures that they must be followed, the cleanings and chemicals that are going to be used and the tools and machines that are going to be used.

6. Insurance

A carpet cleaning service must be fully insured according the legal demands of the country or area that they are going to be provided.

7. Security checks

All personell must be checked and trusted.

8. Type of Cleaning

The cleaning methods and the type of equipment that will be used are totally related with the final result and the customers satisfaction.

9. Understanding of your needs

Its important that they can ask and understand your problem and your cleaning needs.

10. Experience

An experienced business can see better and faster your real needs and provide the right solutions.

11. Quotations

It is important for a business to provide all quotation options according the needs of a customer.

This can be a quotation after inspection, or through phone call, email, chating after receiving all the information that required. Some times the customer needs an official formal quotation.

12. General Appearance

The all appearance of the business must be official, uniforms, precautions, van, equipment, e.t.c.

In Cleaner Move we try to cover all the components of a professionally provided service,

so we can feel as the best cleaning service.

Visit our website to check every thing that matters:

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